League Information


  • 4 Divisions – Bold, Cunning, Wise, Dreamer
  • 512 players total
  • Divisions play over the course of 4 weeks
  • At the end of 4 weeks, the top 32 across all divisions will advance to the main tournament
  • The League will run for a total of 4 months, with 32 players advancing each month
  • 128 players will compete in the B3H Artifact Clash - the $500 main tournament
  • After the B3H Artifact Clash, we’ll do it all over again with Season 2 - featuring a doubled prize pool
  • Each week, the League will be setup in this format:
  • Draft
  • Single Match (allow draws)
  • Win: 2 points – Draw: 1 point – Loss: 0 points
  • Rounds: 3
  • You will play 3 series (rounds) (best of one) per week across 4 weeks
  • Each week you will draft a new deck
  • At the end of 4 weeks the Top 32 will advance to the B3H Artifact Clash
Division Start Times
  • Dreamer - 3:00 AM (0300) EST
  • Bold - 9:00 AM (0900) EST
  • Cunning - 3:00 PM (1500) EST
  • Wise - 9:00 PM (2100) EST

    Each week, links will be posted in the Discord 60 minutes before the start.

    Select 1 Division per week

    You cannot sign up for more than one division each week. If you do this, you will be disqualified.

    If you do not gather enough points to advance to the B3H Artifact Clash, don't give up. Keep trying to make it into the arena.

    The B3H Artifact League will start on Sunday January 27th, 2019. All links will be posted in the Discord server.

    All times listed are in EST (TimeZone Converter).